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July 7, 2011:
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Can a smoothie kill your hunger?

Advertisers Say Smoothies May Be Key To Weight Loss and Control

The so called "Hunger Smashing Smoothie" craze has hit the media with many advertisers saying that their smothies, which contain protein powders, supplements, amino acids, and other nutrients are the best way to reduce hunger, increase energy, and help you lose weight. Is the Hunger Smashing Smoothie a myth or reality?Any kind of food can be part of a healthy diet and let you reduce weight if it is taken in moderation. For instance, Slim Fast brand shakes have been around for a couple of decades, and they work as a great substitute for lunch. However, it is possible to bulk up by drinking several of these shakes in the same day. So-called "hunger smashing smoothies" contain multiple vitamins and minerals, which is good because many dieters may skimp on vital nutirients. These smoothies generally combine one or more appetite suppressing supplements such as caffeine (usually hidden in guarana) green tea or galangal. As a caution, some diet shakes and smoothies may containe ephedra or ma huang, which can be dangerous if taken in excess or by people with heart problems and other issues that can be affected by this powerful natural stimulant.

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Special note: Always consult with a doctor when deciding to lose a substantial amount of weight.